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This blog was originally created in back in December last year to be a way to keep people up-to-date with hardware happenings with the HydroGadget project.  I’ve dabbled in the past with the WordPress and figured that it would be an ideal front-end for my blog so I could minimize the time and  effort spent on coding.  One of these days I’m going to find the right resource to get a strangle hold on the art of coding.As David Jones of the EEVBlog said once, “my favorite programming language is solder”.  I searched through for a few hours looking for a catchy website name that would be easy remember, a bit novel, and be just enough quirky to fit my style.  A joke that I’ve heard more than a few times while working in the professional sound industry came to mind.  “Don’t let the magic smoke of the equipment, it’s hard to put it back in.”  This of course referrers to the unfortunate event of a piece of equipment failing and letting out a final puff of smoke along with a usually very unique and specific aroma.

With the joke in mind, I felt like the words “smoking circuits” had the right combination of simplicity, novelty, and slight sarcasm.  At the time, someone was squatting on the domain and I really didn’t feel like trying to buy it off of them at some insane price.  Both the .net and .org extensions of SmokingCircuits were available, but just didn’t feel right.  I have no idea what county the .me extension belongs to, but it it soon became my home at

Fast forward to about a month ago.  I received what looked to be a script generated email from an shady sounding fellow telling me that would be going up for auction soon and asking if I would be interested.  Interested, yes, but I wasn’t about to tell him that.  It didn’t take me too long to find the auction listing on the  Auction ended in a little under two weeks, had an opening bid of just $12, and best of all, zero activity.  I kept an eye on the listing over the next two weeks and noticed that there was still zero activity on the listing.  Thought that either the current owner needs to dump the domain and no one else really wants it, or there are other people like myself lurking.  I waited till there was just 5 minutes left in the listing to put in a minimum bid of $12 to prevent tipping off anyone else I was interested too early.  5 minutes later, I won the listing for my $12 bid.  I had to wait a week for GoDaddy to do something on their end to transfer control to me, but in the end I now own  As the .com extension is much easier for people to remember, I’ve moved everything over to and setup a forward that hopefully will keep any links or bookmarks still functioning from the .me address.  I’ll keep my old domain for a while as I have documents and such out that reference my old extension.  Enough time wasted, back to the bench…


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