HydroGadget Rev 0.F PCB Prototype Build Completed

The title pretty much sums it up.  My first prototype build for the HydroGadget was a success.  I have a decent list of issues that need to be addressed for the next build, but for torture testing, this should work out fine.  I think the plan is to have this prototype build on display at the SynShop booth at First Friday on May 3rd, and at the Las Vegas Science and Technology Festival on May 4th.  I should be manning the booth on the 3rd, but my partners in crime will be manning the both on the 4th as I’ll be in class.

Download: HydroGadget Rev 0.F Bug List

HydroGadget Rev 0.F PCB Filled Front

HydroGadget Rev 0.F PCB Filled Back


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