HydroGadget Rev 0.F First Build Notes

Started assembly of the HydroGadget Rev 0.F.  The parts that I was most worried about fitting correctly on the PCB are fitting perfectly.  Sweet!  I’ve been burnt in the not so distant past by not paying close attention to mechanical tolerances on datasheets.  However, I did manage to ignore the rather simple and mundane.  When doing the layout I laid out for 1/8W resistors, but put 1/4W resistors in my bill of materials.  Since I already have the parts, I guess I’ll jam these big boys in and make changes in the next revision of the BOM.  Other notes so far: The fuse holders have a much higher profile than what I was thinking.  I’m trying to have the terminal strip be the tallest item on the board to make the design for the enclosure easier, so gotta find shorter fuse posts.  Mouser had a ton of them, I just need to sort through them.  Also need to move a trace that is right next to the terminal strip about 25mils or so north.  I didn’t realize the bottom of the terminal strip I selected had exposed conductors going all along the bottom.  Typical first PCB spin problems…

HydroGadget Rev 0.F 0.25W Resistor in 0.125W Hole


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