HydroGadget Rev 0.F PCBs Are In

Three beautiful purple prototype PCBs of HydroGadget Rev 0.F came in the mail today.  Simply cannot beat the value OSH Park offers.  I do need to track down why DipTrace didn’t tent my vias on the gerber export.  The preview within DipTrace shows the vias tented, but the gerber files it exports has the solder mask removed from the pad like it was a normal through hole.  Not that big of an issue in this circumstance, but I would like to track this down for future projects where it might very well matter.  I added these photos to the rev 0.F online document package.  Now on to finding what I goofed on this PCB spin…

Front Side:
HydroGadget Rev 0.F PCB Front

Back Side:
HydroGadget Rev 0.F PCB Back


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