HydroGadget Rev 0.D Schematic

Below is a link to the HydroGadget Rev D schematic.  There is a PDF version for easy viewing as well as the native source file in DipTrace.  This is still very far from a finished project.  The goal of this revision was to prove a working concept and have a working demo for the Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire.  Over the next few months I’m going to work on the design to improve circuit simplicity and reduce the component count. My goal is to have the next public release ready sometime around the end of the first quarter or the start of the second.  Feel free to comment on my design, especially if you have some constructive criticism.  I’m a hobbyist that just recently started my formal electronics education, so there are all types of gaps in my knowledge.

Download: HydroGadget-Rev-0.D


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